Medicine Policy

At, we offer a comprehensive range of medications, including both generic and branded options. 

We aim to provide our customers with a choice between affordable generics and branded medicines to cater to diverse preferences and requirements.

What are Generic Medicines

Generic medicines, also known as generics, are medicines marketed without a specific brand name.

These medications are the same as their branded counterparts in terms of composition, side effects, route of administration, and dosage.


Unlike brand-name medicines, whose manufacturers invest large amounts in advertising and marketing, generic drug producers do not allocate funds to these activities. 

As a result, generics are more budget-friendly while maintaining the same quality, effectiveness, and safety. 

Composition and Inactive Ingredients

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, generic drugs may not contain the exact inactive ingredients present in their brand-name equivalents. 

Inactive components, such as binding materials, dyes, preservatives, and flavoring agents, may differ between generic and branded drugs.

Appearance and Legal Requirements

Trademark laws mandate that a generic medication cannot replicate the exact appearance of its brand-name counterpart, despite having an identical active ingredient and functionality. 

This means that generic versions might look different from their branded counterparts.

Quality Assurance

Legally, generic medicines must meet stringent quality standards equivalent to those set for their brand-name counterparts. 

The WHO requires that generic medications should show bioequivalence to their brand-name medicines, thus, ensuring the same effectiveness and safety profile. 

At, all medications, whether generic or branded, strictly adhere to WHO standards.

Narcotics does not deal in Narcotic substances. 

We refrain from shipping any form of Narcotics or controlled substances (including, but not limited to, Benzodiazepines and Opiates) to any of our customers.

Prescription Policy

For your convenience and in accordance with guidelines for online medicine stores, we may request a valid prescription for certain medications. 

Please review the following guidelines before making a purchase from to prevent any inconveniences:

  • You can email us a scanned copy of the prescription at
  • Failure to send us the prescription within 15 days of placing the online order will result in cancellation.
  • Our customer care executives may contact you to resolve any doubts or queries regarding the prescription.
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